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2010: A tentative roadmap

While silence is golden, keeping this quiet really isn’t ideal for a project like the Notes Blog Core theme. I’ll remedy that now, with a series of upcoming updates and child themes.

First of all, let’s start by looking forward towards the rest of 2010. What’s in store for the Notes Blog project?

Coming fairly soon (ie Spring):

  • Minor updates to Core. There are some minor stuff I want to tackle in Core. This is already in the works and should roll out soonish.
  • WordPress 3.0 compatibility. Sometime around the first beta version, due mid-March, Notes Blog Core will be 3.0 compatible, if it isn’t already…!
  • The Plus child theme. A simple child theme that adds asides and things like that, much like what you’re looking at right now, here on, actually. It will be released for free obviously.
  • Child theme guide. This is long overdue. It will coincide with the Plus child theme.
  • Moving to a new host.


  • Core 1.1. I’ll get to the planned 1.1 features in a future post, and ask you guys what you like other than that, but I wanted to list it here anyway. Core 1.1 has been on my list for quite some time.
  • Photoblog child theme. This one will be for 1.1 and hopefully put good use of the new features in the theme.


  • Core 1.2. Yes, it is at least somewhat planned. How it shapes up obviously depends on what you guys say about 1.1, and the development of WordPress of course.
  • Child theme based on 1.2.
  • Beta of secret Notes Blog project.


  • Launch of secret Notes Blog project.
  • Possibly Core 1.3.

So there you have it, a tentative roadmap for the Notes Blog project. Alongside this I’ll add more localizations as they get sent in, and will also talk to anyone who wants to port Notes Blog Core to any other blogging platform. While I love WordPress, not all prefer it over Movable Type or Habari, and I’ve got no objections whatever to porting Notes Blog Core to other platforms.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for Notes Blog Core 1.0.2.

3 responses to 2010: A tentative roadmap

  1. Brian says:

    Looking forward to the Plus Child theme, the child theme guide, and photoblog child.

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