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Preparing for the Notes Blog Core 1.0 Beta

That’s right, the release of Notes Blog Core is imminent. This is how it will work:

  1. 1.0-beta1 will be sent to a select number of users.
  2. The 1.0-beta1 will roll out on this blog.
  3. The public release of 1.0-beta1 will follow shortly after.
  4. Information and bug gathering.
  5. The public release of 1.0-beta2.

After that, either we move on with further betas, or the final 1.0 version will be rolled out, along with tutorials and things like that. The goal is to have at least one child theme ready for the 1.0 launch, but I won’t commit to that just yet.

Oh, and Notes Blog Core now requires WordPress 2.8 or higher. Do you need a better reason to upgrade?

3 responses to Preparing for the Notes Blog Core 1.0 Beta

  1. dinu says:

    waiting … waiting … waiting … :D please make it faster

  2. [...] (som i alla som vill får testa) beta av mitt kommande WordPress-tema Notes Blog Core närmar sig. Jag skrev några rader om förfarandet på bloggen, vi är på punkt 1 där just nu för [...]

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